You think hair care isn’t rocket science? Well you haven’t tried Pantene. As you walk down the drugstore beauty aisles, you may notice their completely revamped line. It’s serious business — they took their new formula cues from NASA’s “cutting edge technology.” I learned a few months ago at the big launch event with celeb hairstylist Tippi Shorter that the new and improved collection was created to work with specific hair textures and to address certain style zappers. With names like Dry to Moisturized, Frizzy to Smooth and Breakage to Strength, it sounds tailor-made for our hair care concerns. But the real test is determining if it works on our natural hair (I had my doubts). The test: My hair is relaxer-free, but the majority of the time I wear it blown out straight. I tried the Curls to Straight Shampoo and Conditioner ($3.99 each) and crossed my fingers. I shampooed as usual and left the conditioner on for the recommended three minutes. (Tippi Shorter reiterated at the event that there’s no need to keep conditioner on for hours like I usually do.) The Outcome: I was pleasantly surprised! I could comb right through my wet hair and I blew it out with ease. But the real bonus came with the flat iron. One swift take was all I needed to get my strands straight. I usually have to go at it at least two rounds. I’m sold!