The former queen of daytime TV is a fan of the most outspoken woman on the air! Oprah Winfrey happened to catch a recent episode of the “Wendy Williams Show” where Wendy made it clear she disapproved of Galye King heading over to anchor the CBS morning news. She feared it was a sign their BFF status was coming to an end.

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Oprah made it her business to set the record straight by writing Wendy a letter about her happiness for Gayle.

Oprah’s letter read, “I know there’s been some speculation that Gayle and Oprah had a falling out because Gayle will be hosting the new morning show on CBS. I wanted to make sure everyone knows that there is only happiness for Gayle and this wonderful opportunity.” It concluded with a smiley face and was signed “Love, Oprah. P.S. Stay Black!”

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How cute is that? Oprah has a sense of humor and was kind enough to send a letter to Wendy. We can’t wait to see Gayle’s big debut!


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