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Oprah: 'To Deny Your Age Is to Deny Your Life'

The media mogul shares why she's happy and proud to be 59 years old.
Oprah: ‘To Deny Your Age Is to Deny Your Life’
Michael Rowe

Oprah says she’s not afraid of getting older.

The 2013 Black Women in Hollywood honoree told Extra in a behind-the-scenes video of her O Magazine cover shoot that people should be proud of their age.

“People get all screwed up and afraid of aging when, in fact, every year should be a celebration,” said the OWN creator. “You should be celebrating every year that you are given. I don’t understand women lying about their age and everybody dreading getting older. It means you’re still here!”

The former daytime TV host says she is upset when women deny their age. “To deny your age is to deny your life,” said Oprah. She’s constantly reminded of the loss of life, in both 9/11 and the Newtown shootings.

“I stand here 59 years old and so happy to claim every single part of the journey of those 59 years,” said Oprah. “All of death reminds us that aging and moving forward is so important.”

Are you proud of your age?