Essence: How do you keep up with the Chris Browns and Ne-Yos of the world?
Joe: Yeah, I’m considered more of an old-school artist [laughs] with the new cats coming into the game. I’ve always had an angle and never followed a certain image. The plan is just to focus on what I do best, love ballads, and grab fans along the way.

Essence: You’ve collaborated with more rappers on this album. Do you think that will add to your street cred?
Joe: When I first started out, my intention was to work with hip-hop artists. I connect with the culture and the music-it’s a part of who I am as an artist. 

Essence: So, I’ve gotta ask, are you singing those sweet love songs to a special somebody?                                                                              Joe: No, I’m single at the moment. I got my heart broken, so I will be careful with my next relationship. Besides, it takes a special girl to deal with my lifestyle.

Photo Credit: Stefan Nyvang