Former Donald Trump advisor Omarosa Manigault Newman appeared Tuesday on MSNBC’s Hardball, ready to spill the tea as usual.

In fact, Manigault Newman readily dropped names when the host, Chris Matthews, bluntly asked her “who do you think Trump fears most?”

“Rhona Graff, his personal secretary,” Manigault Newman said without even having to stop to think. “She knows everyone, she knows the role they play, she knows who knows who said what, when. She set up the meetings.”

“If she is called to testify that would be the end of Donald Trump,” she added.

That being said, Manigault Newman acknowledged that Graff is fiercely loyal to the man who she has worked with for over thirty years, acting as Trump’s gatekeeper even at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she pled the Fifth,” Manigault Newman said.

Of course, all of this conversation surrounded allegations brought against the president by his former fixer Michael Cohen, who spilled his own guts last week, bringing in receipts.

More specifically, Matthews played a clip of HUD Secretary Ben Carson, distinguished as the only Black person on the president’s cabinet, insisting that Trump is not racist, despite Cohen’s damning testimony (and everything we already know about Donald Trump as a person).

“I don’t think there’s a question of whether he’s a bigot or a racist, the question is how is it impacting his ability to fulfill the duties of the president,” Manigault Newman noted in her analysis.

She later acknowledged that she once denied Trump’s apparent racism.

“He has a problem with people of color. There were years that I denied that because I was in his orbit, but he exploits them,” she admitted.

Matthews also asked the former Trump insider what scares the president.

“I think he’s afraid of failure,” she replied. “And he knows once he’s impeached, that will be the most significant sign that he is truly a failure and that he has been running the biggest, greatest — and perpetuating the greatest fraud on the American people because he was not able, capable or prepared to be president of the United States.”