Omarosa Manigault Is Out At The White House And Twitter Can’t Take It
Getty Images
Omarosa Manigault, who rose to fame as an antagonist on Donald Trump’s Apprentice before becoming an aide in his administration, will be leaving the White House on the anniversary of the inauguration, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Wednesday. Manigault resigned Tuesday to “pursue other opportunities,” the White House said. Her departure date will be effective Jan. 20. The 43-year-old reality show star turned director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison was tasked with outreach to historically black colleges and African Americans, though her tenure was dotted with controversy along the way. In April, Manigault was booed at the National Action Network’s annual convention as she spoke about her work during the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. And in June, the aide came under fire for referring to herself as the “Honorable Omarosa Manigault” in an invitation to the Congressional Black Caucus to meet with President Trump. The CBC declined the invitation. Most notably, however, it was Manigault’s April wedding to Florida pastor John Allen Newman that seemed to stir the most buzz. In November, it was revealed that Manigault attempted to take wedding photos at the White House, marching her 39-person bridal party through the famed residence without clearance. According to the report, no one — not even secret service — was briefed on the photo shoot. The incident fueled speculation that Manigualt’s time in the White House was not spent on advancing HBCU’s or doing effective outreach, but for posing in her high-ranking job and using government facilities to advance her own agenda, as this Daily Beast report suggests. And with news of her resignation Wednesday, Twitter went to work firing off memes, gifs and jokes about her impending departure:   White House correspondent and CNN political analyst April Ryan also took to Twitter to comment on Manigault’s resignation, saying “This is not the first firing for Omarosa from Trump!” According to Ryan’s tweets, Manigault had to be escorted out of the building and did not go quietly. In their statement announcing Manigault’s resignation, the White House wished her “the best in future endeavors.”

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