Oklahoma Cop Charged with Raping, Abusing 6 Black Women
Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office/AP

On Friday, an Oklahoma City officer was arrested and charged with raping and sexually assualting at least six women, while on-duty.

Daniel Holtzclaw alledgedly threatened the women with the potential of being arrested, if they didn’t comply with his demands. The women were between 34 and 58, and were all Black. The local NAACP president is trying to get the U.S. Justice Department to look into the case, to bring out possible hate-crime charges.

According to USA Today, Holtzclaw, 27, has been accused of “raping at least two two women while on-duty and forcing four to perform oral sex, in addition to fondling the women and forcing them to expose themselves.” One of woman accused Holtzclaw of breaking into her home back in March, telling her boyfriend to leave and then forcing her to perform sexual acts.

Holtzclaw will be charged with two counts of first-degree rape, four counts of sexual battery, four counts of forcible oral sodomy, four counts of indecent exposure, one count of first-degree burgulary and one count of stalking. 

It is unclear, but suspected, that there are additional victims. Holtzclaw has been in jail since his August 21 arrest. He still denies the allegations. Much like Darren Wilson, the shooter involved in the Michael Brown murder, Holtzclaw’s family and friends have set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds in support of the officer. 


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