Officers Involved in Tamir Rice Shooting to Undergo Administrative Review
Associated Press

NBC News reports that officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback will face an administrative review for their actions that led to the shooting death of Tamir Rice. 

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson announced on Tuesday that the shooting is something that “should have not happened” and despite the grand jury decision, the “right thing” needed to be done.

Tamir Rice’s Mother ‘Saddened and Devastated’ by Grand Jury Decision

A city council member, Jeffery Johnson, announced he would seek neglect-homicide charges against the two men under city law which he clarified is the highest local city law a citizen can face. 

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Cuyuahoga county prosecutor Tim McGinty stated that the officers had reason to “fear for their lives” therefore the actions that led to Rice’s death were “reasonable” and justified. 

Tamir Rice was fatally shot by police last November while playing in a public park with a toy gun.

911 received a call that a boy was playing with a gun but later told the operator that it was “probably fake.” That detail was never passed along to officers Timothy Loehmann and his partner Frank Garmback.

Loehmann fired his weapon at Rice two seconds after their arrival onto the scene. Rice died the next day in a local hospital.