Over the weekend, Instagram-famous cop, Officer Tommy Norman, got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend Rosalynd at her 30th birthday.

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The viral video melted fan’s hearts on social media. Norman told ESSENCE about the moment he knew she was the one for him, and it was long before he asked her to be his bride. 

“Because I’ve been involved in the community for years, I remember when we first met and started dating., I would mention to her about, the events that I would have to attend in the community. Whether it’s speaking event or making an appearance wherever, and not asking her to go, but just making her aware of what was going on in my schedule, and right away she would make it a point to, to be there, to really support me,” Norman recalled sweetly. “The work I do in the community is really really close in my heart, the fact that she made that choice in her life early on in our relationship, to attempt to be with me I guess really, it meant a lot. [Because] she supported what I’ve loved for so many years I think that was probably one big, I guess key moment in our relationship where I knew that she would be ‘The One.'”

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The couple met in May 2014, and from the beginning, their love story was meant to be. 

“We met at Walgreen’s, actually,” the North Little Rock police officer continuted. “We were on the same aisle. We had never, honestly we had never met. She actually was aware of me from social media. She kind of spoke to me [and] mentioned that and then we exchanged numbers.”

Just like that, the rest is history.

As for Riley, Rosalynd’s 5-year-old son, who adorably stole the show during his mother’s engagement, he also stole Norman’s heart from the very start of their relationship. 

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“Rosalynd kind of made it clear early on in our relationship that if my relationship with Riley didn’t really gel, then she probably wouldn’t have been so eager to establish a long term relationship with me, because obviously she wanted her son to feel comfortable. His personality is very infectious and he trusts me with his mom and that really means a lot to me and her. [He knows] that I would take care of her, and not just keep her safe, but keep him safe as well.”

For the bride-to-be, when she saw how receptive Norman was to her son, she knew their love was meant to be. 

“When I realized Tommy loved Riley as much as he loved me, I knew he was the one for me,” Rosalynd said.

If that’s not sweet, we don’t know what is!