Octavia Spencer Wins $1 Million Lawsuit Against Weight-Loss Company
Mark Davis/Getty Images

It was only four months ago that Octavia Spencer sued weight-loss company Sensa Products for wrongful termination of her endorsement contract. Now, just in time for the new year, BET reports that a judge ordered Sensa Products to pay Spencer nearly $1 million. 

Spencer, who was a celebrity spokesperson for Sensa, sued the company in August for terminating its contract with her after she used the hashtag #spon, abbrievated for “sponsored,” in her tweets advertising the product. Sensa ended the deal on August 6, 2014, but it still owed the Red Band Society star $700,000.

Sensa claimed that it was because of her tweets that the campaign was ineffective, but Spencer said that there were no stipulations in her contract permitting what hashtags she couldn’t use. Additionally, Spencer said that she completed her end of the deal, losing a required 20 pounds and allowing Sensa to use before and after photos of her.

Unfortunately, it might be a while before Spencer sees any monetary compensation. In November, Sensa lost its legal counsel and is possibly unable to pay its debts.

Spencer isn’t sweating the money, though.

“This was always about principle for our client, Ms. Spencer,” said her attorney, Bryan Freedman to The Hollywood Reporter. “She was taken advantage of by a company that is no stranger to misrepresentations. I am very proud of Octavia’s will to fight.”