Octavia Spencer Sues Weight Loss Company Over Endorsement Deal
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Octavia Spencer has filed a breach-of-contract and fraud lawsuit at L.A. Superior Court against weight loss company Sensa.

In 2012, Spencer agreed to be the face of Sensa and signed a $1.25 million contract with the company, but with a few reservations.

The actress made it clear that she did not want the ad campaign to be used in tabloid magazines, she wouldn’t use before and after photos, and said that rather than promoting weight loss, she would only promote a “healthier lifestyle.” She also insisted on transparency on Twitter and wanted all sponsored tweets to have the required #spon hashtag.

Spencer says she turned down a $3 million offer from another weight loss company to work with Sensa because they had agreed to all of her stipulations.

In her lawsuit, Spencer mentions that the ad campaign didn’t go as well as Sensa had hoped it would and that they are blaming her for its failure. She also claims that the company is refusing to pay a remaining $700,000 owed to her on the million-dollar deal.