Octavia Spencer Doesn't Regret Not Having Kids

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Fruitvale Station star Octavia Spencer talks about making sacrifices for her career in The Hollywood Reporter's latest actress roundtable.

Dominique Hobdy Dec, 02, 2013

Landing and delivering in big-time Hollywood roles is no easy feat. Just ask actress Octavia Spencer, 43. She’s got her plate full.

The star talked about sacrifices and her decision to not have children in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter

“I should be married and have 19 kids,” the star said Thursday during a roundtable discussion. “And now I’m thinking my eggs are dying on the shelf. They’re going to go past their expiration date. But it’s what I chose, so I’m fine with that decision.”

The roundtable featured Oprah Winfrey and Lupita Nyong’o, who both opened up about their respective journeys to Hollywood, lessons and advice that they’ve picked up along the way. Julia Roberts, Emma Thompson and Amy Adams also joined them in the discussion. 

Spencer starred in the highly acclaimed Fruitvale Station this year; the film recently nabbed three nominations for the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards and is surrounded by Oscar buzz.

The academy award winner is slated to star in NBC’s upcoming remake of Murder, She Wrote. 


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