President Obama Hosted Final Musical Event At The White House
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Obama’s opened the doors of the White House for a musical event for the last time Friday night, with the likes of Usher, The Roots, Janelle Monae, and Michelle Williams performing.

Titled BET’s “Love and Happiness”, the show took place in a tent on the South Lawn.

“There will be no twerking tonight,” President Obama joked in his opening remarks. “At least not by me. I don’t know about Usher.”

Chip Somodevilla

President Obama and Michelle started the annual event when they first entered the White House eight years ago to celebrate music that has helped shape America, including classic, country, blues, Broadway, gospel, Motown and Latin.

Chip Somodevilla

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“We’ve had Bob Dylan and we’ve had Jennifer Hudson. Gloria Estefan and Los Lobos. Aretha, Patti, Smokey,” Obama said in his opening remarks. “I’ve had Paul McCartney singing ‘Michelle’ to Michelle and Stevie singing ‘Happy Birthday.’”

“We’ve had Buddy Guy and Mick Jagger getting me to sing ‘Sweet Home Chicago,’” he continued. “So this has been one of our favorite traditions, and it’s with a little bit of bittersweetness that this is our final musical evening as president and first lady.”

Chip Somodevilla

Actors Samuel L. Jackson, Jesse Williams, Angela Bassett, Yolanda Adams and Jill Scott were also in attendance. 

BET will broadcast the show on Nov. 15.