A New York City mother took matters into her own hands when she found a man trying to steal her car Tuesday morning, a moment that has now gone viral once the video of the incident was released. Tihisha Jones, 49, had auto-started her car early that morning to take her son to school when she noticed a random man sitting in the front seat. The suspect was playing with the ignition when she approached the vehicle with her son. When she opened the passenger door to confront him, the carjacker Bernado Santiago shut it on her, WABC reports. Jones then went around to the driver’s side and pulled him out. She was then able to tackle and subdue him until the police arrived at her Bronx residence. The attempted carjacking and Jones’ citizen’s arrest were all caught on video by a neighbor who heard the commotion. Her five-year-old son was also present throughout the encounter.
“I had to take matters into my own hands because I work, I saved to get that car myself,” Jones said. There had also been attempts to steal her car in recent weeks. As for the carjacker, he has been charged with attempted grand larceny, petty larceny and criminal stolen possession of stolen property, according to WABC.


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