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Nurse Claims Michael Jackson Asked for Propofol

The defense team calls a nurse and an AEG representative to the stand.
Day two of the defense’s attempt to prove Dr. Conrad Murray innocent continued with testimony from two firsthand witnesses.

A mere two months before his untimely death, Cherilyn Lee, a nurse practitioner, said she warned Michael Jackson that propofol wasn’t safe to use at home, reports the Kansas City Star.

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Nurse Lee continued, “He told me that doctors have told him it was safe. I said no doctor is going to do this in your house.” Still, after her warning, he insisted that he receive the drug in order to sleep, and assured her that his health would be in good hands as long as someone monitored him.

All of the today’s testimony was in an effort to prove that Jackson self-administered the fatal dose of propofol.

When concert promoter AEG’s President and CEO Randy Philips testified, the judge managed to block some of his testimony about Jackson’s contract with AEG, stating, “This is not a contractual dispute. This is a homicide case.”

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Defense attorneys wanted to show jurors that Jackson would owe $40M to the company if he canceled the shows — indicating Jackson’s possible desperation for good sleep, good health and his need for the dangerous anesthetic.

Tune in tomorrow for the next round of defense witnesses.