North Carolina Officer Who Slammed Teen On Ground Avoids Charges
Getty Images/Robert Daly

A Wake County, NC jury dismissed charges against police officer Ruben De Los Santos after he slammed a 15-year-old girl to the ground. The incident occurred at Rolesville High School where a crowd of students were gathered for a fight that the girl was said to be involved in.

Recorded via cell phone, the footage shows De Los Santos lifting the teen up by her waist before slamming her entire body into the cement floor. She lies on the floor for two seconds before raising to her feet and walking off with the officer.

According to WTVD, after the incident, the teen was returned to her class, but afterward, had to be taken to the hospital to treat a concussion.

“Our law-enforcement officers are engaged daily in difficult interactions where they often are required to intervene,” said Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman following the decision of the court.

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“As they strive to maintain the peace and protect our community, it’s important that proper and legal boundaries on the use of force are followed. I commend Chief of Police Bobby Langston for his willingness to invite an unbiased review of this matter and for his commitment to maintaining the public trust of his community.”

As the news channel notes, De Los Santos resigned from the Rolesville Police Department earlier this month.

No word on if the girl’s family plans on seeking any legal justice. 

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