It’s supposedly the year 2019, but yet some folks in North Carolina are apparently stuck in the 1960s after a white family’s car was vandalized with racial slurs due to their 14-year-old daughter’s relationship with a Black teenager. According to ABC11, the Wayne County, N.C. police department confirmed that it is investigating the attack against a white Goldsboro family, described as an apparent hate crime, and is also sharing its findings with the State Bureau of Investigation. “It just makes your heart sink,” Amanda Miller, the girl’s mother, told ABC11. “I’ve always tried to instill in her be friends with who is good to you. Like who is good to you. Make sure that you know … it doesn’t matter what color somebody is, and it doesn’t matter what race they are.” The vandalism apparently occurred on Thursday when someone sprayed “n–ger loving b-tch” on the family’s minivan, along with a swastika and other slurs. A second vehicle belonging to the family was also lit on fire and totaled due to the damage. “I think anybody that has that much anger and write something like that and damage someone else’s property — they’re capable of doing bodily harm to somebody else,” Miller added. “You still wake up every day and think it’s a bad dream.” Miller said that her daughter met the boy at church, though they have since broken up amicably. The boy’s parents, according to Miller, have been very supportive during the whole incident. TOPICS: