Nigeria Bans Protests For Missing Schoolgirls

The kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian school girls in April sparked international outrage, worldwide protests, and a viral digital campaign to #BringBackOurGirls.

This week, police in the country’s capital, Abuja, have reportedly banned all protests planned in the city because they are a “security threat.”

“Information reaching us is that too soon dangerous elements will join the groups under the guise of protest and detonate explosive(s) aimed at embarrassing the government,” said Commissioner Joseph Mbu. “Accordingly protests on the Chibok Girls is hereby banned with immediate effect.”

This sudden ban comes on the heels of a top Nigerian military official’s claim that they know where the girls are located but do not want to use force to try to rescue them. Adding to the growing criticism that the country’s officials are not acting efficiently or quickly enough to rescue the missing girls.