Over the weekend Nicki Minaj threatened to leave hip-hop if she doesn’t get the respect she feels she deserves. Today, we’re learning more shocking news about the star. Although she’s famous for mind-boggling lyrics, Minaj says she didn’t dream of being a rapper when she grew up.

According to Vibe, Minaj wanted to be an actress.

The multifaceted performer told Graham Norton, “I remember I wanted to be an actress first and then I went to school for acting, then I started. I always loved music ’cause my mom would sing all the time,” she said.

The “Superbass” artist says singing was boring to her so she started rapping. “I’ve been really doing it for such a long time. I’ve put out three mixtapes and then kaboom, I was signed with Lil Wayne and this is my second album.”

Minaj’s latest album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded nabbed the top spot on the Billboard 200 last week, selling 253,000 copies.
Is Minaj’s larger than life personality big enough for movie screens?

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