White Man Calls Cops On Black Women Over Glass At Swimming Pool, Swears He’s Not Racist
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Another white busybody took it upon himself to call the cops on two separate groups of Black women enjoying themselves at the pool at an apartment complex, leading to accusations of racism.

Both encounters took place at the swimming pool inside of the Edition Apartments in Hyattsville, Md. over the weekend, WUSA9 reports.

Apparently, Nick Starr-Street, pool cop, has a targeted vendetta against people who have glass by the pool – which admittedly isn’t allowed – but even as at least one of groups tried to placate him, he escalated the situation.

According to the report, the first incident took place on Saturday, while Felecia Soso and six of her friends were relaxing at the complex’s pool. Starr-Street, who lives at the complex, approached them complaining about the glass bottles that they had with them.

Starr-Street told the news site that he noticed the bottles from his apartment and went down to get proof that the women were breaking a rule.

One of the women agreed to remove the glass from the pool side, before reasonably asking, “What else do I need to do for you to be comfortable?”

“I’m going to report you to the leading office,” Starr-Street abruptly said, before walking off.

Someone from the leasing office did come to speak to the group, but at that point, Starr-Street was calling the police, with officers from Hyattsville Police Department eventually showing up to address the ridiculous situation.

Sure, having glass at the pool may be against rules, but does it really warrant a call to the police?

The women opted to leave the pool eventually after sharing their side of the story with police.

In another video posted, the police could be heard telling the women that their version of events was not the story that they were told when they were called over.

By Sunday, Starr-Street was on his war campaign against glass at the pool again. Gaëlle Claude posted her own Twitter video showing Starr-Street following her and her friend while he was speaking to 911 on his phone.

“This white man literally stalked us from his apartment for damn near a mile just cause we were at the pool drinking wine and taking pictures,” she wrote in her caption. “Called the police and all…I cannot make this up smh.”

“Physically attacked by this woman,” Starr-Street could be heard telling the person on the phone.

“By who?” one of the women asked incredulously.

Just as the day before, Starr-Street claimed he saw the women with glass at the pool from his apartment window.

He posted a YouTuBe video showing him approaching the women at the pool, as they protest.

“This is too much. Please get that camera out of my face,” one of the women can be heard saying.

Starr-Street claimed that one of the women assaulted him by knocking his phone out of his hand and bruising his chest.

He acknowledged that he followed the women, but said that was because they were trying to leave before police responded.

“The women alleged the man had then followed them from the apartment building to a business. The man stated he followed them because one of them had slapped his phone from his hand during the initial argument,” a statement from the Hyattsville Police Department read.

“Because our officers could not verify a crime had occurred, and the alleged infractions appeared to be isolated and misdemeanors, our officers told both parties they could press charges if they chose to by contacting the district court. This follows standard operating procedure in such scenarios. Both parties then left the scene separately and peacefully,” the statement continued.

Starr-Street, for his part, insists that his calling the police on both groups of Black women had nothing to do with race.

“My sense of right and wrong is 0 or 100. I don’t care,” he told WUSA9.

He claimed that he called security on a group of white women on Monday at the pool, although he also admitted that he didn’t record that particular encounter or call the police…so something is clearly not adding up.

“I’m autistic. I just see right and wrong,” Starr-Street said. “I don’t see race. I don’t see gender. I don’t see color. I don’t see any of that.”