Connecticut police are now searching for a New York couple who violently attacked a hotel worker in Connecticut. Chrystal Caldwell was manning the front desk at a Quality Inn late last month when an unprovoked assault left her with injuries both physical and emotional.

On Monday, Stonington, Connecticut, police issued warrants for Philip Sarner and Emily Orbay. NBC Connecticut reports that they have asked for the public’s help in making sure that the couple is brought to justice. Sarner, 39, is being charged with second-degree assault while Orbay, 28, is being charged with third-degree assault.

The search is stemming from a June 26 event in which the couple checked into their room and realized there was an issue with hot water. Caldwell says Sarner called the front desk and, speaking in an aggressive manner, alerted the hotel of the issue. As employees were attempting to correct the problem, Sarner made his way down to the front desk and began hitting Caldwell. He also called her racial slurs.

After the first attack, which was witnessed by employees who allegedly chose not to intervene, Caldwell went to a back room for a reprieve. As she was leaving that room to grab her belongings, Caldwell says she ran into the man again. This time he was joined by his partner. Together they attacked Caldwell, punching her in her face, throwing her to the ground and kicking her. The assault was caught on hotel cameras. 

According to NBC News, police were called to the hotel following Caldwell’s attack, but the couple claimed they were the victims. After being transported to the hospital in an ambulance, they allegedly disappeared. Later Sarner and Orbay returned to the hotel and quickly left the state before police could arrest them. Caldwell was taken to the hospital, but her assailants went free without charges for more than two weeks. Stonington police said they issued arrest warrants for the New York couple only after they finished reviewing all of the evidence. 

In an interview with NBC, Caldwell, 59, said the events have likely impaired her for life. She has retained a lawyer and is demanding that her attackers face criminal charges and jail time.  


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