New Study Finds African-Americans Benefit More Than Whites When Given Access to Equal Healthcare
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An interesting new study out of the medical journal Circulation found that when Blacks and Whites receive comparable healthcare from medical providers, African-Americans fare significantly better than their White counterparts.

According to the Los Angeles Times, researchers are baffled by the disparity, but suspect that African-Americans might have a biological disposition that benefits them in the long run. The nine-year study found that African-Americans’ mortality rate was 24 percent lower than Whites—a shocking contrast.

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“We thought we wee going to show they do the same if the same care if offered to both groups,” study author Dr. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh said to the Times. “But we found Black do even better.”

He went on to say that though Blacks fare better than Whites when receiving comparable healthcare, the benefits are outweighed by extenuating circumstances—socio-economic status, accessibility to medicine and treatment—that disproportionately affect the Black community.