New Self Defense App For Women Aims to Make Dating Safer
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Single women everywhere no longer have to feel as vulnerable when dating or venturing around town by themselves. By downloading the new YOU CAN FIGHT smartphone app, you can learn common self-defense techniques that will allow you to protect yourself in many dangerous situation. Developed by Helen Anzalone Gordon, an actress and third-degree black belt with more than two decades of martial arts training, YOU CAN FIGHT is being credited as the first app of its kind and was created exclusively with a female audience in mind.

You can try it for $1.99, and get instant access to tactics that you can use to defend yourself in case someone attempts to choke you, throw a punch, grab your wrist or take you from behind. Gordon herself demonstrates each of the techniques in videos lasting for less than two minutes. The app also provides slide shows with a step-by-step breakdown of each move beginning with the most basic components. All of the techniques are simple and relatively easy to master – we tried them.

Gordon emphasizes that practicing these moves constantly is the best way to prepare yourself for an unexpected attack. The app can also be to search for martial arts, jiu jitsu and karate centers in your area so that you can gain more advanced self-defense skills close to home.

No one plans to become the victim of an assault, but it’s important for single women to know how to defend themselves if an assault were to occur. This is certainly one way to feel a little safer and more at ease when you’re alone or dating someone you’re just getting to know.

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