Brandon Martinez is not only one of Los Angeles’ most sought after hairstylists, he is the ultimate hair care creator. You might recognize Martinez from such shows as Bravo’s “Blow Out” and “Salon Diaries” and Style Network’s “Split Ends.” His dynamic personality and enthusiasm for hair won over the hearts of television viewers, who were fascinated by his zealous approach to cutting, coloring and styling. Martinez attempts to reenter homes across America, this time on fans’ shelves with his new day-to-day hair care product line dubbed B The Product. The year-old line is professionally crafted but made for the average man or woman to use at home. had the privilege of attending Martinez’s New York City product launch party last month, hosted at the home of New York City socialite Heather Mnuchin. We absolutely fell in love with the hair styling aid called STIK. The product is great for combating those fuzzy little hairs around your hairline and back edges that stick out when you are in between relaxer treatments or when you need a styling aid to smooth down fly away hairs. I chatted with Martinez at the bash and he said his biggest inspiration for the line came from the STIK because of its multipurpose function. The product works great for both men and women and it’s the only thing Martinez uses to style his own do. I’ve been using the yummy lavender-scented product since the moment I got it, but don’t take my word for it. STIK it to yourself.

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