Is A&E Normalizing White Supremacy With Their New Docuseries About The KKK?
The normalization of racist white supremacy ideals, beliefs and practices by both mainstream media and the Donald Trump campaign was front and center in 2016. From admitted “alt-right” affiliates making repeated appearances on national TV news shows to “share their perspective,” to lawmakers allowing blatantly racist GOP voter suppression tactics to be put in place, attempts to paint white supremacy as nothing more than a political strategy or radical social practice were endless. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. Unfortunately, Trump’s 2016 election victory seems to have ushered in even more of a presence of acceptance where white supremacy is concerned. Appearing to follow that same lead, A&E has announced the debut of a new docuseries centered around the Ku Klux Klan. Titled Generation KKK, the series will consist of eight one-hour episodes and chronicle the lives of people born into the violent hate group, while ultimately examining how the existence of the KKK stands to impact future generations. “This series gives viewers an unprecedented look at what it is like to be born into hate,” a rep for the network said in a press release. “Our producers gained access to Klan families allowing for full immersion into this secret world and its impact on the next generation. ‘Generation KKK’ brings viewers inside the places where hatred and prejudice are born and bred, and carried forward or not.” The series will also follow current members who claim they are looking to leave the group, as well as families attempting to persuade their loved ones to exit the organization. Naturally, news of the show was met with considerable backlash on social media.   While shedding light on the activities of groups like the KKK in order to bring awareness to the need for them to be shut down is important, providing a platform that depicts an organization with such a documented history of disgraceful violence towards others solely because of their racial background as just another way of life in America is irresponsible and dangerous.


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