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Nelson Mandela's Health Remains Unchanged

The former leader was taken to the hospital on June 8th for a recurring lung infection.
Nelson Mandela’s Health Remains Unchanged
Gallo Images/ Getty

Current South African President Jacob Zumba says Nelson Mandela remains in “a serious but stable condition.”

On Saturday, the leader released a short update for the world regarding Mandela’s health. The update also clarified details surrounding Mandela’s trip to the hospital on June 8th, on which a military ambulance carrying Mandela unexpectedly broke down. “We confirm the media reports that the military ambulance transporting Madiba had an engine problem,” it read. “Doctors are satisfied that the former president suffered no harm during that period.”

A backup ambulance, complete with intensive care doctors and nurses, was immediately sent. It arrived more than 40 minutes after the original broke down.

Unfortunately, not all headlines regarding Mandela’s health are indicating his recovery. CBS is reporting that despite the family and government releasing positive updates about Mandela, that his health is actually declining. According to their source, his liver and kidneys are functioning at 50 percent. Mandela also reportedly underwent surgery to repair a bleeding ulcer as well as insert a tube. Neither the government nor the family have commented on this news.

We’re wishing Mandela a speedy recovery.