Supporting Nelly With A #HotInHerreStreamingParty Is Basically A Cultural Necessity
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All of Black Twitter rushed to the rescue of Nelly to help the rapper put a dent in his debt after being hit with a $2.4 million tax lien. When Spin pointed out that the St. Louis rapper needed at least 287,176,547 “Hot In Herre” streams to pay off the IRS, the #HotInHerreStreamingParty was born.

Rapper Nelly Hit With $2 Million IRS Tax Lien

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For the musical blessings Nelly has given us, like “Air Force Ones” and “Dilemma,” that “Tip Drill” video, a country song with Tim McGraw and single-handedly making white bandaids a thing Black people can rock, we have to come to his rescue. Let us not forget that the rapper is an advocate for higher education — in 2014 he created a scholarship fund in Mike Brown’s name to send teenagers to college for free.

So, you see? #SaveNelly is essentially a cultural requirement.

Don’t worry Derrty Mo, we got you.