Neck Contouring is Proof That We’ve Gone Too Far
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I love a good contour as much as the next girl, but at some point you start to wonder if we’ve taken things too far. That point of wonder is when you discover that neck contouring is now a thing. Beauty blogger, Huda Beauty recently posted a video contouring the back of her neck to give it a slimmer appearance. Admittedly, the contour looks good, I think the beauty standards set for women are already overwhelmingly daunting, so supporting the idea making slim necks “trendy” amidst all of the other beauty mandates on women to be slim like the Collarbone Challenge that swept through China last summer, or the Belly Button Challenge, which occurred in the same time frame. And lets not forget about the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge that left thousands of girls with bruised and swollen lips that could potentially cause permanent scarring.

Some beauty trends lean more towards body shaming than beauty enhancement. Ultimately, you’re responsible for the trends that become mainstream and may or may not box women into these marginalized standards of beauty. Personally, I don’t think women need any more incentives to look or be skinny. Healthy, yes, but being able to stack coins in your collarbone, or comfortably wrap your arm around your body to touch your navel, or sport a slim neck hardly makes you more beautiful and it certainly isn’t healthy physically or mentally. Contour as much or as little as you wish, but love yourself as you are and choose your beauty wisely. Besides, we believe in defining beauty on our own terms and we think having a slim neck is completely optional.



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