Nazi Flag Seen In California Corrections Department Window Prompts Investigation

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is under scrutiny after a Nazi flag was prominently displayed in the windows of one of their buildings in Sacramento.

According to KTXL, the infamous flag could be seen even from across the street and by people walking by the window of the parole services offices owned by the state on 16th and T streets.

“You didn’t have to be close to the building at all,” Michael Johnson told the news station. “People driving by could see it.”

“That’s cute. That’s real cute. City of Sacramento letting f—ing people like that work in your buildings,” he added.

Following outrage and increased scrutiny, the flag has been taken down.

A parole official, who was authorized to speak to the media, told the news station that the flag was put up by an officer who deals with gang members. Apparently, the symbols found on the wall were meant to be used as an educational tool for other officers, so that they would know what to look out for, and the flag was never meant to cause harm.

“An office such as this, they might handle material that might otherwise look objectionable or discriminatory,” Dana Simas, with the California Depart of Corrections and Rehabilitation, told the news station.

“We do take this issue very seriously,” Simas added, noting that there will be an investigation. “The item has since been removed and we’re looking into the circumstances by which it was displayed, to begin with.”