“Natural Hair In The Workplace: What Are Your Rights?” May Be A Viable Resource To Black Women
Tracy Sanders

Natural hair is big. It is the newest rising star for black women in hair care and with more women going natural, and shattering the notion this natural hair is just a trend, the problems some women are facing at work is not going away. Many (and not just in corporate America) still feel natural hair is unprofessional and unbecoming in some workplaces. There are options as some women wear weaves, wigs or decide to straighten their hair but do they have to? 

This long-standing problem may be coming to an end with the release of the new book by Tracy Sanders, a respected Los Angeles-based attorney. Titled, “Natural Hair In The Workplace: What Are Your Rights?” this new guide is a complete understanding of federal and state employment discrimination laws in the United States. According to publicist, Deborah Griffin, “Readers will be inspired through real-life stories, hypotheticals, case studies, and practical tips to help navigate natural hair in the workplace”.  

Tracy Sanders, Esq. earned a Juris Doctor degree at the Syracuse University College of Law, a Master of Public Administration degree at the University of South Carolina, and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree at the University of South Carolina.  Her extensive knowledge on natural hair and employment discrimination law has been carved into a paperback or kindle that many women may find useful when dealing with co-workers and employers when their hair is the topic of concern or conversation. 

Yes, black women are still dealing with their natural hair being a problem in the workplace and maybe this is the answer everyone needs on how to handle it. 

You can find the book here