Women’s Health Startup Natalist Expands to Nearly 6,000 Stores in National Retail Collaboration
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Women all over the world struggle with finding pregnancy and fertility products that truly speak to their needs. But there’s one women’s health startup that is making sure moms and aspiring mothers always have access to tools that will help make their journey through motherhood a bit easier. 

Natalist, a mom-led women’s fertility and pregnancy product company expanded its distribution to nearly 6,000 retail locations nationwide. “For too long, the products in this aisle have been dominated by companies run entirely by men,” says Vernita Brown, Natalist’s first employee and CEO per a release. “We’re excited to be the first not only women-led, but also mom-led company to bring new products in this category. We know what this customer wants because we are the customer. Our approach of bringing empathy and better customer support has been tremendously well received, and we’re just getting started.”

Already successfully sold in Target stores, Natalist’s 2021 retail expansion includes a much larger footprint in more U.S. Target locations, Rite Aid, Albertsons, Safeway, and Shaw’s. Products offered in retail include easy-to-use ovulation and pregnancy tests and prenatal supplements.

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Led by a diverse team of moms, including one of the only Black women CEOs in healthcare, Natalist saw explosive growth over the last year as they expanded their women’s health offerings amid the pandemic.

“A big component of women’s health is access to the products and services we need, when we need them,” continues Brown. And today I am thrilled to share that Natalist products are available in nearly 6,000 stores in every single state in the U.S. We are grateful to now be in the aisles of our customers’ favorite retailers, meeting them where they are, right when they need us.” With plans to further expand its offering of evidence-based products and educational resources, Natalist is positioned to grow its reach in the family-planning arena.