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Must-See: Will Smith Speaks Out About Reporter Kissing Incident

It was just awkward," Smith says of his run-in with an affectionate reporter.

Will Smith describes his recent run-in with an overly affectionate male reporter as “awkward.”

The star was on the receiving end of an unexpected kiss from Ukranian reporter Vitalii Sediuk during the Moscow premiere of Men in Black 3. “It was just awkward,” Smith told David Letterman last night before explaining what led to the slap heard around the world. “He says, ‘I’m you’re biggest fan, can I have a hug?'” Smith recalled. “So I go to give this joker a hug, and he tries to lean in and kiss me!”

Later on Sediuk’s team apologized to Smith, saying, “It’s just his shtick, you know.'” To which Smith zinged: “Well, that’s why his ass got shtick.”

Don’t mess with Will.