Both widowed as newlyweds, Jessica and Jordan found love and hope again in each other. Their touching story is a reminder why you should never stop believing in the power of love.

Jessica’s husband was killed in a motorcycle accident only two months after their wedding day.  He died on July 30, 2009.

Ten months after their wedding, Jordan’s wife became very ill and was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Ten months later, on April 23, 2011, she passed away.

A mutual friend mentioned Jessica to Jordan professionally, so he looked her up online and sent her a friend request. They checked each other out and realized they had a lot in common — including the fact that they were both widowed.

“I think Jordan and I clicked so quickly because we could both be very vulnerable with each other so very early on in a way that only people who’ve gone through what we’ve gone through can understand,” says Jessica.

Watch as the newlyweds intimately share their story.