There’s a new ad advocating for Americans to overturn “Stand Your Ground” laws in 26 states around the nation. Yesterday, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence released a reenactment of the night Trayvon Martin was shot dead at the hands of George Zimmerman.

Although the nearly minute and a half public service announcement uses creative license, it’s a chilling visual and reminder of the larger conversation to be had about gun violence in America. The Coalition also used actual 911 recordings from the shooting.

At the conclusion of events, the camera pans down to show dozens of bodies wearing hoods with state names next to them. In total, there are 26 sates with similar “Stand Your Ground” laws. Earlier this month, the Martin family launched a new petition asking for the targeted states to review their own laws. The family wants lawmakers to take a closer look at laws that may be designed to “protect the aggressors of situations that result in death.”

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