Must-See: Tiny Speaks Out About Her New Eye Color

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The truth is finally out. Tameka “Tiny” Harris confirms that she underwent a controversial surgery to permanently change her eye color. The reality star opened up to ABC News’ Deborah Roberts and gave details about the silicone implant she received to change her eyes from brown to “ice gray.”

“They told me the procedure would be quick, like five or ten minutes in my eye. They woke me up and it was very blurry, and then it kind of just fades in. I looked in the mirror and I was like, they’re amazing,” she said with a smile. 

Harris admits her husband T.I. was originally against the dangerous procedure but now “he loves it.” She doesn’t seem to care what the haters have to say about her eyes either.

“I just wanted to do something different,” she said. “And I have the right to do that. It’s my body.” 

Watch her full interview and see Tiny’s point of view.