Must-See: Kelly Rowland Talks About Her Role On New Season of ‘The X Factor’
Getty Images

When The X Factor returns for its third season this fall on FOX, Simon Cowell will be surrounded by women on the judging panel, and one of the lovely judges is singer Kelly Rowland.

Rowland, who once sat on the panel for the British edition of the show, is looking forward for the premiere and promises that fans won’t be disappointed.

“I was excited about being asked to be a judge,” Rowland says. “It’s a show that I really do enjoy and I love the fact that young people can get an opportunity to change their lives within one audition or opportunity and that I can be a part of that.”

Rowland cites her knowledge of the industry’s ups and downs as a plus for her and the contestants. “I feel like I can contribute that to the contestants freely, gladly.”

And, expect lots of laughs on the show.

“We really, really do have a good time while we’re up there.”

Watch the rest of the interview here.