Comedienne and writer Akilah Hughes’ latest YouTube video “Meet Your First Black Girlfriend” pokes fun at awkward interracial dating moment and it’s hilarious from start to finish. As she jokingly tells white guys the rules on eating chicken in our presence, defining the relationship to family members and touching our hair, you’re guaranteed to nod and laugh along. (Think: “Yes, you can touch my hair, but your friends can’t.)

In a recent interview with Refinery29, Hughes revealed that the idea came up over inner with a friend. “We were both in interracial relationships at the time,” she said. “The conversation turned to meeting the parents over the holidays, and we both realized that there is an unspoken anxiety of meeting your boyfriend’s white family. That sort of turned into just the ins and outs of interracial relationships and the most cringe-worthy moments we could think of. After that discussion, I realized that there is a huge niche audience that knows exactly what we’re talking about, but nobody really says it.”

Watch it and tell us if you agree with Hughes’ dos and don’ts and which ones you’d add.