Beyoncé stans are in heaven today! Queen Bey posted lots of never-before-seen personal family photos and a few video clips to her newly created Tumblr account.

Not only does she give a terrific glimpse into her personal life and travels around the world, but there’s one particular video that will really make you smile.

While on vacation in Croatia, Beyoncé and Jay-Z encountered a blue Ivy tree, and filmed the special moment. “I woke up this morning and took a nice little walk and we passed by this beautiful blue tree,” she says. “I think it’s a blue Ivy, which would be quite appropriate.”

Although some sites are saying the tree may have inspired baby Carter’s unique name, our guess is, this adorable video only confirms that the proud parents had the name “Blue Ivy” picked out very early on in the pregnancy. Watch and tell us what you think!