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Last night the world got a more intimate look into Beyonce’s famous pregnancy when the megastar set down for an exclusive interview with Katie Couric on ABC’s “20/20”.  Mrs. Carter is unusually open to answering intimate questions about her pregnancy and family life with husband Jay-Z. Couric asked Beyonce why she chose the MTV Awards to debut her big news. Apparently, she just couldn’t hold her excitement any longer.

“News that’s that big is hard to hide and keep to yourself,” Beyonce said. “It was a beautiful feeling.”

Despite the numerous rumors surrounding whether or not her pregnancy is fake and when her baby will arrive, Beyonce’s still bursting with baby joy.

“The best thing is knowing that my favorite person in the world, I haven’t met them yet,” she told Couric. “And hopefully I’m gonna pass on what generations of my family has passed on to me. It’s exciting.”

As for rumors she’s been craving ice-cream with hot chili sauce? False. Beyonce says there’s no way that one’s true. But is she pigging out the way many pregnant women often do? Nope, not a chance!

“I’ve been real conscious and trying not to lose control,” she says.

Watch the intimate interview now!