You do not have to sport a two-piece bikini in this women’s pageant to be recognized but you do have to be business savvy. Just sum it up this way, it’s “where business meets beauty.” Today, is the third annual Ms. and Mrs. Corporate America Pageant in which organizers highlight the achievements of women in the corporate world. The contestants will compete to be recognized for their contributions and commitment to their family, career and community. The pageant will take place at 7:30 PM at the Linda Chapin Theatre in Orlando, Florida. “We wanted to do something that was completely unique and that had more of a platform for these women,” says founder Anissa King. “It gives women a voice for all of their hard work.” There will be celebrity judges such as,  Judge Mablean Ephriam from the televised show “Divorce Court”, and  NFL Tight End Darcy Johnson from the New York Giants. The night ends with a special performance from musical artist Y’Anna Crawley, winner of Sunday Best.There will be red carpet photo shoots and motivational workshops. “By bringing together the best of business, entertainment and community leaders and providing a public showcase for corporate women, the Ms. and Mrs. Corporate America Pageant will raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.” says King. Pictured above is Deanna Kitchens (right) with Shanta Barton-Stubbs (left) who was crowned Ms. Corporate America in 2009. “It was a great experience that allowed me to talk about my non-profit program (New Image Youth Center). I am very thankful for the pageant,” says Barton-Stubbs.  Read more: