Mother of Slain Teen Jordan Davis Endorses Hillary Clinton for President
Mintaha Neslihan Eroglu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Echoing the sentiments of Sybrina Fulton, Lucia McBath, the mother of slain Florida teen Jordan Davis, has penned an op-ed voicing her support for 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Davis, 17, was fatally shot at a Florida gas station when Michael Dunn, now 47, opened fire into the vehicle that the teen was in, claiming that the music was too loud. In 2014, Dunn was sentenced to live in prison.

McBath has been instrumental in advocating for gun violence prevention since her son’s death, and in her op-ed for BET, she praised Clinton for supporting “common-sense gun laws.”

“We need leaders who will stand up to the gun lobby and support common-sense measures that will keep guns out of dangerous hands,” McBath wrote. “And each and every one of us must also vote for leaders who will put the safety of our families and communities aheads of the interests of the gun lobby.”

Trayvon Martin’s Mother Endorses Hillary Clinton, Urges Mothers to Vote

McBath went on to cite the steps that Clinton took during her time as a First Lady, when she pushed for the Brady Bill, which required federal background checks. She also added that Clinton has a plan to close the “Charleston loophole,” which currently permits individuals to obtain a gun if their background check has not been completed within three days. McBath notes that Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s primary competitor, has voted against measures like Brady Bill in the past, reportedly saying that the issues are “complicated,” according to The Hill

“These issues are not complicated for me or other mothers whose children have been killed or the many other Americans who demand a president who will stand up to the NRA,” she wrote. “That’s why I’m voting for Hillary.”

McBath’s endorsement comes just one week after Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, penned an opinion piece for CNN, voicing her support for Clinton and urging mothers to vote.

“With so many of our children’s lives on the line or taken, we simply can’t afford to elect a Republican who refuses even to acknowledge the problem of senseless gun violence,” Fulton wrote in her op-ed.