Mother Needs Help For ‘Dying’ Son In Mexican Detention Center Footage
Getty Creative Images

Mexican news outlet El Universal just released heartbreaking footage of an unnamed migrant mother pleading for help for her “dying son” through the gap beneath the fence of a Mexican detention center.

According to The Independent, the mother of two, who says she is from Haiti, describes the horrible conditions that she and her family have faced at the Feria Mesoamericana Center in Tapachula.

“They haven’t given us a bit of food. There is no drinkable water,” the woman says, speaking in Spanish. “Help me, help me with my son. He is sick. My son is dying.”

The distraught woman tells one of the people behind the camera that she and two sons, ages five-year-old and a 14-month-old, have been at the center for 10 days.

“He is suffering,” she adds, begging for help. “There are a lot of bug bites.”

The Independent reports that hundreds of Haitian and African refugees rioted on Tuesday and attempted to escape the immigration center, in the third uprising in the past month.

The refugees have reportedly pushed back demanding food, medical care and other help with processing their immigration status so that they can leave the center.


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