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Black Mother Jacqueline Craig Brutalized By White Officer While Trying To Report Assault On Her Child

Craig and her teen daughter were aggressively manhandled by police after calling for help when a white neighbor choked her 7-year-old son.
Black Mother Jacqueline Craig Assaulted By White Officer While Trying To Report Assault On Her Child
Bilgin S. Sasmaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

A disturbing video clip of a white police officer aggressive manhandling a Black mother who called for help after a man assaulted her son has the Texas community in an uproar.

Forth Worth resident Jacqueline Craig was rightfully angered when she learned that her white neighbor had choked her son, but when she went outside to confront the man and call police for help, she ended up becoming the victim of a senseless police brutality attack.

According to The Root, the neighbor claimed the 7-year-old threw paper on the ground and refused to pick it up when instructed to do so. At that point, the man reportedly grabbed the child and choked him.

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In the video footage, which picks up just as the police officer arrived on the scene, Craig is heard describing the incident to the officer in detail while, asserting that the neighbor had no right to put his hands on her son.

The neighbor then responds, reiterating that her son threw trash in his yard, prompting Craig to inform him that he should have come next door to get her to handle her son rather than taking matters into his own hands.

At that point, the officer then takes a condescending tone with Craig questioning why she doesn’t teach her son not to litter. Craig then becomes understandably irritated with the officer’s implication that her young child deserved to be choked by a stranger for allegedly littering.

The conversation between the officer and Craig quickly escalates as he continues to inadvertently dismiss her concerns, at which point the officer begins to forcefully manhandle Craig and wrestle her to the ground with a teaser, while also fighting off her daughter as she tries to intervene.

Craig’s daughter recorded the alarming incident and shared it via Facebook Live.

The officer eventually apprehended Craig’s daughter also and took her phone, at which point the recording stops. Family attorney Lee Merritt later arrived at the jail to tend to Craig and her daughter Brea Hymond, who were both arrested after being assaulted by the officer.