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Mo'Nique: Free At Last


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Mo’Nique, the lovable entertainer who makes us laugh and smile, encourages us to dream big and soar as the guest editor of ESSENCE’s October 2008 issue devoted to Fabulous and Thick sisters everywhere. For this special issue the host of the new Syndication One radio hit “The Mo’Nique Show,” stepped into our Manhattan offices and poured over nearly every section of the magazine, offering her trademark wit and wisdom as well as her philosophy on living fabulously and fearlessly. And for the first time she shares how her controversial role in the forthcoming film “Push” led her to deal with the painful sexual abuse in her past.

In the issue read about Mo’Nique’s views on:

Surviving sexual abuse and refusing to be a victim:
“I’m not excited to talk about this. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t pretend.”

Weight loss and her fab new look:
“We should all want to live healthy lives because we don’t want to be in a
position where there are things we can’t do and places we can’t go. My
husband said to me one day, `I want you for a lifetime.’ Then it clicked
 that my weight had become a major concern. I wanted to be around for my family.”

Turning up the heat in the bedroom:
 “Sex is an important part of a relationship but it isn’t everything. If he’s a good man and you love him and want to make the relationship work, discuss your needs openly and honestly.”

Believing in yourself:
“In my career I’ve met many successful people. Whenever I ask them how they made it, the word “belief” always comes up. I’ll never forget being on the set of `Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins’ with Martin Lawrence. He offered me this advice: `Believe in yourself and never let them tell you what you can’t have.’ I thank you, brother Martin, for that love.”

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