Sorry, but you can’t live your best life without insurance, sis. Between work, family, travel, and everything in-between, unforeseen circumstances always tend to pop up. You know, like catching the flu, missing work because of back surgery or, God forbid, the unthinkable, an unexpected death.

Let’s face it: things happen.

However financial wellness can ultimately lead to more security. Having a savings and budget plan helps, but it’s equally important to have life insurance, disability insurance, and health insurance to meet your needs. Having coverage for certain financial curveballs life throws your way is a win in any book.

Here’s what you need to know:


Life Insurance:

It’s OK to plan for today and tomorrow, and State Farm® is here to help you and your family in case you aren’t there. They offer a variety of life insurance products to protect your family’s financial future and help you live today with confidence. As a bonus, life insurance can help you leave a legacy for the next generation in your family. Life insurance can also provide money to keep your business going, to leave to a spouse or partner (or anyone you’d like), or to use towards paying off debts are just a few ways people can use their life insurance benefits. In addition to the benefit, you could leave your loved ones, some types of life insurance offer living benefits you can use during your lifetime, providing additional flexibility and features relevant to your needs.


Disability Insurance:

State Farm® offers disability insurance in case you can’t work due to sickness, injury or are completely disabled. Disability insurance will help protect your paycheck so you can worry less. Another great thing? It may also keep you from dipping into your savings or retirement funds. You can buy a long-term or short-term individual disability policy, or, in many cases, opt-in to disability insurance through your employer. Like life insurance, disability insurance is an important part of protecting your family’s financial wellness.


Health Insurance:

Whether opting-in to coverage from your employer or choosing to find an individual, it’s important to select a product that provides the coverage you need. So when bae shares those flu germs he brought home from work, you have a plan in place to help prevent unnecessary withdraws from your emergency fund if you need to take a trip to the hospital. State Farm offers a variety of health insurance products, and you can learn more about what’s available in your state.

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