The Great Resignation has empowered and emboldened many labor force workers to turn in their two-week notices at higher rates than seen before. Now, a new report by Women in Revenue is saying that women executives are planning to leave their leadership roles for positions that are a better fit for them in a movement they’re called The Great Renegotiation. 

Women in Revenue (WIR), a non-profit created to empower and elevate women in sales, marketing, and customer success careers, recently released “The Great Renegotiation: The Definitive 2022 State of Women in Revenue,” an analysis of survey results that gauged the professional insight from nearly 2,400 women in professional roles. 

Most interestingly, the survey found that more than 38 percent of all women and 49 percent of executive women considered leaving their job in 2021. More than 15 percent in the technology industry actually did quit their high-paying jobs in 2021. 

“These statistics should be alarming to any company,” said Deanna Ransom, Executive Director of Women in Revenue said in a news release. “When 50 percent of your female leadership isn’t happy you need to take a close look internally. Marketing, sales, and customer success are the lifeblood of companies. We’re bringing customers in the door and closing the deals. Women aren’t being paid what they’re worth. They need equal pay, pay transparency and mentorship to trust that they’re valued, heard and have a clear career path. Otherwise, in this market, they’re going to walk, take another offer or possibly strike out on their own.”

The top response that explained career migration is pay transparency.  52 percent said transparent compensation information is the most important to them when considering accepting a role. 

One participant even shared, “I discovered I wasn’t being paid anything close to market rate. Went to another company and got 65 percent more!”