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What Black Women Can Do To Close The Wage Gap

Top-Tier Execs Share Their Tips For Getting The Coin You Deserve And The Career You Love

A dream job is hard to come by. Although Black women everywhere are successfully climbing up the professional ladder, finding the ideal environment and support has been a challenge.

While stopping by ESSENCE to visit Work & Money Editor and podcast host, Marquita Harris, Vinita J. Clements, Senior VP of Human Resources for Nationwide, and Michele Thornton Ghee, EVP of Business Development for Endeavor Global Marketing, share advice on taking calculated risks, what they’ve learned along the way and what Black women can do to close the wage gap.

“There’s a woman by the name of Bozoma Saint John, our CMO, who’s a fearless sister herself,” Ghee candidly shares one of the gems she learned during her professional ascent. “She advocated for me, and we have to do that for one another. There is room for more than just one of us.”

As the women shared their own experiences navigating corporate spaces, they also shared fun facts about their first jobs. Clements also revealed an acronym that has helped her navigate her professional path at every turn: “A.S.K.”

“The A stands for authenticity. Whatever you choose to do, you have to be your authentic self. I believe that each one of us is gifted in unique ways and when we stay true to our gift, doors will be open for us,” she says. “The S stands for being strategic. K stands for knowledgeable…Whatever goal you have, whatever job, whatever career profession you’re after, you have to know it. There are ways with the internet today you can find out pretty much anything.”

Watch the latest Dream Jobs podcast episode below.