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What Are Your 2013 Goals for Work?

Tanisha details how to get your work goals in gear for the new year. 
What Are Your 2013 Goals for Work?
Mark Hall

Happy New Year!

As I contemplate the week ahead, it’s a good time to reflect on the year that was. It was a year full of big wins and amazing highs. I took the lead on some pretty amazing projects, introduced new franchises to the ESSENCE audience, and got to strut my stuff in front of our senior-management team. But was it enough? The part of me focused on the missteps, hiccups and mistakes says no, it wasn’t. But I’m not one to dwell. Yet, I’m often moving too fast to reflect. Sound familiar? If you’re moving too fast to figure out what went wrong, you’ll never decipher how to get it right. Before you go racing into the office ready to set the world ablaze, ask yourself these questions:

What did I do well in 2012? This speaks to your core strengths. Were you on time? Were you a team player, a strong project leader, a connector, a person known for her follow-up skills? This is where bragging on yourself is acceptable. In what areas did you perform with excellence? Continue to do this with vigor in the New Year.

How could I have improved upon my work? You did ask your boss, peers and even friends for feedback, didn’t you? We’re often too afraid of the answer or throw up the wall of defense so no one is comfortable giving us the truth. Throw that ish out the window and listen to what others have to say about your performance, then act accordingly.

Where did I make a big impact? This is when something you’ve said or done changes how business is done at your job. When the bosses keep mentioning your name in relation to a new idea or business strategy, then BOOM, you’ve done it. If you cowered in the corner all year hoping that someone would extract your genius, get over it right now!!!! Because the calvary ain’t coming. Mikki Taylor, ESSENCE Editor-at-Large, has always told me: “This ain’t no play thing, baby. Stop waiting for permission to do what God has already ordained you to do.”

With that, I say get your goals in gear, ladies. It’s time to pop the top off of another New Year. Go get ’em!

Tanisha A. Sykes is the Senior Editor of Personal Finance & Careers for ESSENCE.