August 13th, 2020 is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.

This event marks the approximate date each year to which Black women must work to earn what non-Hispanic white males made the year before. It’s not as simple as “leaning in” for us. We’ve done that for years. We’ve armed ourselves with the education, experience, and energy to break glass ceilings and now it’s time our pay and growth track in our careers reflect as much—no excuses, no delays, no holds barred.

“It is not female egotism to say that the future of mankind may very well be ours to determine. It is a fact.”

– Shirley Chisholm, Unbought and Unbossed

Black women make about 62 cents on the dollar for our labor and while we’ve gotten by, why should we continue to just get by? Equal pay for Black women is long overdue and so is a fuller definition of what it actually means.

If you’re done playing by rules that were never meant to benefit us, you’ll want to check out these 7 rules from 7 boss Black women on what it takes to demand your worth both in pay and advancement at work. From interning like a boss to investing like one, these women have dropped gems you’ll be glad we mined for you.

Happy Black Women’s Equal Pay Day!

To hear a full Black Women’s Equal Pay Day compilation episode featuring Minda Harts, Juliette Jones, Lauren Simmons, Sherrell Dorsey, Arian Simone, Arlan Hamilton, and Dia Simms – listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or anywhere you get your podcasts.
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