TikTok Is Amplifying Black Creators With Billboard Campaign
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Black creators drive culture, especially on social media. This can be seen across all platforms, especially Tik Tok. With Black users creating catchy dances that help propel songs to the top of the charts to coining the phrases we use in our everyday lexicon, creators of color are at the helm of all things cool. 

Now, Tik Tok is recognizing the value Black creators bring to the platform in a big way. According to Tik Tok, from November 26th to December 19th, they are highlighting its ongoing #SupportBlack campaign with a prominent billboard attached to the Pendry West Hollywood Hotel. 

The billboards feature short clips of 12 members of TikTok’s Support Black Businesses initiative describing what it means to them to be a Black business owner and how they’re empowering their local communities.  

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Some of the highlighted creators include: Danielle Richardson (Fierce Clarity) an optometrist, yoga teacher and wellness entrepreneur takes a holistic approach to wellness in her own life and is passionate about sharing these tools and practices with others through the form of her brand; Sahr Brima (Love You Cookie)  is a nationally recognized business lawyer. He was born in Sierra Leone and came to the United States as a civil war refugee in 1998; and Angel Lenise Pyles (AmpBeautyLA), a Webby Award-nominated director and creative producer who is passionate about diversity, inclusion, and supporting POC-helmed brands in the industry. She manages communications, content creation and distribution, public relations, press, and media partnerships as President and Chief Creative Officer of AmpBeautyLA. 

Find out more about the campaign at COHORT — TikTok | Support Black Businesses